A teen girl goes camping, then takes a poop in the woods and makes a best friend for life.

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A teen girl goes camping, then takes a poop in the woods and makes a best friend for life.

Perry and Aly are best friends. But soon both of them will face a big transition in their lives and friendship: they’re going away to college, which fills both girls with fear, nervousness and excitement.

Told in a loose documentary style, this comedic short tells the story of a special female friendship between two young women full of life and personality.

Funny, candid and just a bit scatological, the aesthetics match the casual, almost improvised feel of the storytelling. But the lo-fi look can’t disguise the film’s warmth and emotional resonance.

“When Perry Met Aly” manages the fine trick of being sweet and sentimental without becoming sappy. Director Hana Wuerker has crafted a small gem of a film that captures how the most accidental encounters can blossom into the special connections and moments that give life meaning and joy.

She meets her best friend at 3:31…

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