An Irish boy meets a German girl and overcome a language barrier through an emotional connection.

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An Irish boy meets a German girl and overcome a language barrier through an emotional connection.

Thomas is reading his book on a park bench, minding his own business, when a German tourist named Ingrid sits down near him.

Ingrid is on vacation with her boyfriend, but things aren’t going well and she seems needy. Ingrid doesn’t speak English and Thomas doesn’t speak German, but something about her vulnerability pulls Thomas out of his shell. They decide to spend the day together.

As they wander through zoos and shops, they somehow make a connection, understanding each other without speaking the same language.

“Rhinos” is a short romance whose simple premise is both elegant and economical. By focusing on two people simply talking and trying to share their thoughts with each other — but without a shared language — the film a chance meeting whose resonance is felt long after ending.

Despite its simplicity in structure, the direction is sensitive and seamless and the performances are skilled. The result is a profound take on loneliness, love and the power of human connection.

Heartbreaking at 10:52…

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