A lifeguard finds out his crush is getting married. So he tries to stop the wedding.

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A lifeguard finds out his crush is getting married. So he tries to stop the wedding.

Every summer Sam and Murphy sit atop the lifeguard-stand enjoying the endless days of sunshine and fun vibes. However, this summer is different.

Sam is finally going to win back his childhood sweetheart and change his life for the better. Murphy is finally going to overcome his fear of the water and solidify his place as a leader among guards.

But soon the duo is faced with the reality that life is moving forward — and summer is coming to an end.

This amiable “bro-mantic” comedy has the loose, good-natured energy of 80s comedy classics, right down to the screwball antics, bright, colorful photography and skillful performances from Tyler Hollinger, who’s appeared in shows like “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

“Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard” is a fun summertime romp, but like the best comedies, it’s engaged with real emotions at its core: the anxiety of growing up, and the relief of finding and accepting who and where you are in life.

He steps in at 11:27…

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