A woman travels to LA to lay her sister’s ashes to rest. But then, she relives her last night alive.

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A woman travels to LA to lay her sister’s ashes to rest. But then, she relives her last night alive.

A young, innocent tourist goes to Los Angeles for the first time. As she makes her way through the urban landscape, she unexpectedly conjures up her sister Jessica’s last night alive while staying at the same hotel she once frequented.

Dreamy cinematography blend with modern dance choreography, minimal dialogue and an haunting score in this fractured narrative, creating a truly sensory experience that resembles both an urban fairy tale and a modern riff on “Alice in Wonderland.”

Fans of filmmakers David Lynch and Sofia Coppola will find director Lily Baldwin’s evocation of complex inner emotions like grief, loneliness and isolation engaging and poetic.

Dark and luminous, this unique cinematic experience captures the mysterious yet enduring bond of love, and the magic and peril of Los Angeles.

She opens her eyes to a new world at 8:25…

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