A young woman takes her dying sister on a road trip to see a ‘doctor’ about a cure.

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A young woman takes her dying sister on a road trip to see a ‘doctor’ about a cure.

Two sisters drive up the Pacific Coast in search for a cure for the younger sibling’s mysterious ailment. A doctor promises a miracle treatment as the older sister — unable to date or enjoy life — struggles with her own resentment at having to put her life on hold to care for her sister.

As they make their way up the coast, taking time to explore beaches and hang out with strangers, they negotiate their close but complicated bond, which is tested when they discover the truth of the illness that plagues them.

Shot with a documentary-like immediacy, this short drama uses illness as a vehicle to explore family, intimacy and connection. The two sisters, portrayed with strikingly honest performances — have a fractious but intimate bond, captured in improvised dialogue that will ring true to anyone who’s loved and struggled with a sibling.

“Sea Change” is like a series of snapshots in the life of two sisters approaching a precipice in their lives, capturing how family can rub up against our individual identities — but give you exactly what you need when it counts the most.

She hears the truth at 10:43…

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