Breaking Up With Jenny by Petr Antokhin

A guy is getting married in a few hours. But first, he has to break up with his 'true love'.

It’s a special morning for Gus. He’s getting married to Rachel in a few hours, and his solicitous bride wants everything to be perfect, reminding him to bring the rings.

But before he heads to the church, he has one last task on his to-do list: to break up with Jenny, who has been his constant companion through much of his life as a bachelor.

But who exactly is Jenny? The answer will surprise you…

This romantic comedy has plenty of verve and unexpected wit, thanks to the deft writing and directing and great performances that manage to hit both ironic and heartfelt notes in one man’s tumultuous but entertaining emotional journey.

Charming, honest and enjoyable to watch, “Breaking Up With Jenny” is an quirky, entertaining take on the importance of honesty, not just with others — but most of all with yourself.

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