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The Ghosts by Eddie O’Keefe

The Ghosts by Eddie O’Keefe

When a young girl falls for a mysterious gang leader, her entire life gets turned upside-down. Trouble goes down at 8:17…

A young, restless teenage girl falls for the leader of a mysterious gang, whose members all wear leather jackets.

But her interest brings tensions to a head with the rest of her religious family — until something out of the ordinary intercedes.

Director Eddie O’Keefe’s romantic drama is a time-tested classic love story with an almost pulp-like feel. His uniquely stylized take on 50s nostalgia, combined with ethereal and supernatural elements, create an unforgettably vivid cinematic experience. But the film’s stylistic bravura never gets in the way of an emotionally engaging, relatable story.

With a well-executed script, sharp performances, skillful direction, “The Ghosts” is a supremely entertaining story full of romance and chills alike.

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