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Frolic ‘N Mae by Danny Madden

Frolic ‘N Mae by Danny Madden

A little girl draws a monster on a pizza box. To her shock, it comes alive and causes trouble. Surprise at 3:31… then mayhem ensues at 6:08…

Created by Ornana Films and written and directed by Danny Madden, “Frolic ‘N Mae” combines hand-drawn animation with live action in this feel-good family adventure story.

Mae is a preteen girl at a sleepover who feels lonely and left out when all her friends pay more attention to their digital devices than each other. Left to the devices of her own imagination, she imagines a piece of cardboard as a monster named Frolic — who comes to life and wreaks havoc on the party.

Energetic, imaginative and full of good-natured ebullience, director Danny Madden has created a wonderful romp that is both sweet and exciting, with well-executed action sequences and terrific performances. The combination of animation with live action brings a child’s fertile imagination to life, but the excellent storytelling ties it to the emotional undercurrents she experiences.

The result is a film that is family-friendly but also deeply affecting, speaking to the fears of children and offering a passionate conviction about technology and how we relate to one another — a message that all ages should resonate with.

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