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Cold Heart by Danny Darko

Cold Heart by Danny Darko

A sad woman gets a cybernetic heart to stop suffering. But then, it's switched off. She falls into a coma at 3:26…

Clara lives in a world where humans and synthetic droids live together side by side — and the lines between the two are increasingly blurred, which leaves some in society uneasy.

When Clara demands a transplant for a synthetic heart, she only wants a solution to take away her pain. But it leaves her vulnerable to new threats.

Director Danny Darko has a thriving career as an EDM music artist and producer, and this sci-fi short — which serves as a companion to his single, “Cold Hearts” — uses its bright, vivid images and glossy production design to question the borders between man and machine, asking the important question of just how far apart we are.

Like many films of its genre, it asks big questions, whose answers may be relevant much sooner than you’d think.

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