Blood On My Name by Brandon McCormick

A man tries to make a deal after a botched robbery. Instead, he calls down the agents of a supernatural force.

Erwin is on the run after a botched robbery. But after he experiences a change in heart, he tries to take advantage of a deal he’s made for himself and fellow thief Thomas. But a strange supernatural force would rather hunt him down than see him escape…

“Blood On My Name” feels like a good-old fashioned film entertainment, weaving in Southern Gothic western folklore with classic stage and screen musicals.

With lush production values and taut, suspenseful storytelling, the film is stylish and nostalgic in execution, taking full advantage of its locations and camerawork to deliver a top-notch cinematic experience.

But it’s also unafraid to be earnest and emotional, with gritty performances and hard-hitting themes of guilt and redemption. Rousing and compelling, it immerses viewers in a complete world, while also offering an emotional journey that still feels applicable in today’s landscape.

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