Beat feat. Ben Whishaw by Aneil Karia

A young man walks a paper-thin line between profound joy and complete hopelessness.

Director Aneil Karia and producer Scott O’Donnell prove that actions speak louder than words. In their dialogue-light film, a young man gets ready for the day, staring and smiling into the distance, before he begins to unhinge on the streets of London, edging between joy and hopelessness.

This award-winning short character drama’s seems simple on the surface, but it features a dynamic lead performance that toes the line between mental illness and being different. Acclaimed English actor Ben Whishaw gives a strong, multilayered portrayal, allowing us to spend time in the company of an unusual, distinctive protagonist.

Coupled with superlative craft and direction, “Beat” proves to be a compelling, memorable emotional journey whose impact lingers long after the film’s end.

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