Writer’s Workshop by Ryan Francis Johnson

An aspiring writer goes to a writer's workshop to get some honest feedback. But he didn't expect it to be so brutal.

Aspiring writer Jeremy attends an exclusive writer’s workshop in hopes of honing his craft. But the feedback he gets — and the situation he finds himself in class — gets increasingly absurd, and soon “brutally honest” takes on a whole new meaning.

This dark comedy short has a simple premise and set-up: taking place in one time and place, it functions as a snapshot of one key moment in the character’s life, rendered with deft performances, sharp dialogue and skillful camerawork capture.

Director Ryan Francis Johnson skillfully navigates a controlled shift towards the dark and absurd, ratcheting up the tone to the certifiably insane. The result makes what could simply be a comedy sketch into something more artful — and not so easily forgotten.

But while the scene turns out of control — and escalates to something both dark and hilarious, and even supernatural — the film works because it’s anchored in the emotional situation we all recognize. Everyone at some point has laid themselves bare, vulnerable to judgment — but when the response isn’t what was expected, nothing hurts more.

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