Writer's Workshop

By Ryan Francis Johnson | Comedy
An aspiring writer attends a workshop for honest feedback. But it gets brutal.

Aspiring writer Jeremy attends an exclusive writer's workshop in hopes of honing his craft. But the feedback he gets -- and the situation he finds himself in class -- gets increasingly absurd, and soon "brutally honest" takes on a whole new meaning.

This dark comedy short has a simple premise and set-up: taking place in one time and place, it functions as a snapshot of one key moment in the character's life, rendered with deft performances, sharp dialogue and skillful camerawork capture.

Director Ryan Francis Johnson skillfully navigates a controlled shift towards the dark and absurd, ratcheting up the tone to the certifiably insane. The result makes what could simply be a comedy sketch into something more artful -- and not so easily forgotten.

But while the scene turns out of control -- and escalates to something both dark and hilarious, and even supernatural -- the film works because it's anchored in the emotional situation we all recognize. Everyone at some point has laid themselves bare, vulnerable to judgment -- but when the response isn't what was expected, nothing hurts more.

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