Otherhalf by Ben West

A guy literally 'breaks up' with himself. So he goes to a therapist to try to put him back together.

A man literally “breaks up” with himself, and the two halves of his body split so they can pursue their different interests.

He realizes at a therapy session that his chest wants something different from his feet, and the bottom half decides to take some personal time to explore its own interests. But then the two parts find themselves falling for the same girl, they discover they might be more in harmony than they thought.

We all have aspects of our selves that are at odds with who we are or want to be. But director Ben West’s unique comedy short takes that idea and turns it literal, following an unusual, original premise to its deadpan limit.

With droll special effects that are both ingenuous and subtle and nimble comic performances, “Otherhalf” percolates along with terrific pacing and a witty script, yet remains grounded in emotional truth despite its almost surreal take on self-contradiction.

At a brisk nine minutes, the film never wears out its welcome, and ultimately reaches a satisfyingly witty, sweet conclusion that will leave viewers grinning.

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