Homing In by Parker Hill

A woman is startled when she finds an unexpected dinner guest in her home. But then, it feels all too familiar.

Young mother Joan is startled when finds a strange man in her home. But as the conversation develops, something about the situation feels altogether too familiar to Joan…

Director Parker Hill has crafted a genre-hopping short that melds horror, suspense and drama, conjuring an haunting sense of dread and menace through effective visuals and elegantly pared-down storytelling.

Hill draws on her background in still photography, using images to craft a compact yet rich sense of atmosphere. The cool-toned lighting, deliberate camera movements and uncanny framing create a sense that something is askew in this corner of suburbia, but the source of that dissonance is ultimately strange and surprising.

Subtle performances convey the minute degrees of dread, discombobulation and terror experienced by the main character as she faces her intruder, keeping the almost surreal situation grounded in human emotion.

The short evokes the cerebral chill of the early work of a filmmaker like Todd Haynes, who turned unease and ambiguity into quietly epic stories that capture in emotional interiors of their conflicted heroines. “Homing In” mines similar territory, using austere chill to create a fable of someone who doesn’t feel at home in their own life and self, expressed in an ultimately unnerving way.

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