Over by Jorn Threlfall

A crime scene is revealed in a quiet neighborhood... in reverse chronological order.

A crime scene in a quiet neighborhood suburb unfolds in reverse order, revealing the surprising and powerful incidents that caused it.

Director Jörn Threlfall’s 2015 dramatic short — winner of the prestigious Grand Jury prize at Palm Springs, a prize at Sundance and nominated for a BAFTA award — is an ingenious puzzlebox of a narrative. Told in reverse chronological order, it demands a close attention and patience of its viewers, but it rewards this effort with a powerful resolution.

Using striking images to bring its innovative script to life, the short is much like a collection of shards and fragments of facts, people, pictures and actions that arouse curiosity and intrigue. As viewers piece it together, the film’s reveal of exactly what happened at the end — which was inspired by real events — is both hard-hitting and thought-provoking.

Ultimately “Over” portrays how tragedies from afar can rupture the placid surfaces of our everyday lives — and how connected we are to them despite the relative peace of our everyday worlds. Trenchant and unforgettable, you’ll never take a quiet street for granted again.

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