Visit 57

By Kate Phelan | Drama
A woman goes to her fertility doctor for the 57th time.

Kat is desperate to have a child and has been trying to get pregnant for three years. Her fertility treatments don’t seem to be working, but on her 57th visit, she is sure things will be different.

Writer-director Kate Phelan has crafted a powerful drama about a subject that has not often been portrayed onscreen. Infertility is often a taboo subject in women’s lives, and Phelan’s film captures the details, tensions, stress and grueling nature of the process of trying to conceive with an unflinching, unvarnished honesty.

Anchored by sensitively observed directing and a powerful performance, the story explores the intense emotional rollercoaster of hope and despair without falling into melodrama. We watch as Kat navigates complicated emotions while trying to make her way through a clinical, removed industry that is alienating and at times claustrophobic. The dichotomy of experiencing great inner pain in a world anesthesized from feelings proves heartbreaking, and when Kat reaches a breaking point, her emotions are entirely understandable.

“Visit 57” is raw and resonant, as well as an authentic look at an experience often shrouded in pain, shame and silence for women who go through it. But the film does what great art is supposed to do: open a window into the unrepresented terrains of human experience and let some room for compassion and understanding in.

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