Finding Strength

By Maya Suchak and Darian Henry | Documentary
A powerful look at the impact of bullying on the youth in Albany.

Keivonta, Mikayla and Dijour are three teens living in Albany, New York, whose lives have been impacted by bullying for various reasons.

For Keivonta, his weight made him a target of other kids’ attention. Mikayla was insecure, and turned to bullying as a way to keep others at a distance. Dijour was on the spectrum for autism, and felt alone and misunderstood by most of the world.

This intimate, revealing and artful documentary tells the true story of three teens who all suffer from being bullied, blending real-life footage with more artfully composed shots to tell their stories. The voiceovers tells the stories in the voices of the teenagers themselves, providing an honest, unvarnished point-of-view.

The kids’ self-awareness and powers of articulation reveal a great gift for analysis and depth, showing insight into how deeply bullying can get under someone’s skin and shape their self-image and self-esteem at a vulnerable time.

The mosaic approach offers different lenses to view the topic of bullying, showing that it often isn’t a “good vs. bad” situation. They offer advice and tell the story of how they got through being bullied, advising others to find their gifts, find likeminded friends and see the long term of the situation. The result is a documentary full of honesty and heart, one that speaks to both compassion and the resilience found in the human spirit.

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