Allergic to Flowers

By Taichi Erskine | Romance
2 slackers are forced to take a job delivering flowers on Valentine's Day.

Mark and Audrey are two slackers who knew one another in high school. Both recently dumped by their significant others, they are forced to work together delivering flowers on Valentine’s Day — and confront their own romantic foibles in the process.

This short romantic comedy has a rhythm of its own, weaving its story around rat-a-tat witty dialogue. With each delivery, the duo encounter the gamut of strange behavior, situations and relationships, ranging from romantic assignations to even funerals.

The feel of the film is loose and even improvisational in feeling, true to the internal rhythms of its main characters, and the structure of the story allows the film to canvas the full range of emotions that Valentine’s Day often inspires in others.

But as the two slackers spend time together and get to know one another more deeply, they’re able to grapple with their hidden hurts and vulnerabilities, which allow them to work out their feelings — and their last obstacles to love and connection.

“Allergic to Flowers” is both deeply acerbic and very sweet, finally revealing its emotions on its guarded sleeve. Like many romantic comedies, it provides a brief but poignant lesson in sentimental education, prizing honesty and authenticity over the pretty illusions of typical romance.

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