By Alonso Alvarez Barreda | Drama
In 18th century Holy Roman Empire, a series of events changes a woman's life forever.

A woman living in the 18th century grapples with a difficult situation. She’s stuck in an abusive marriage with a husband who beats her. She has no way out of her dire circumstances. And now she is pregnant and fears she will be trapped forever.

Director Alonzo Alvarez Barreda has fashioned a historical drama about a turning point in a woman’s life as she grapples with a difficult decision. Beautifully realized production design and sumptuous camerawork and cinematography evoke a powerful, specific world, creating a sense of the grit and difficulty of this period in history.

The result is a film that utilizes cinema’s ability to transport audiences to a different time and place, while still echoing the emotional pain and dilemmas that have faced humankind forever. The script and storytelling are simple and elemental, but the craft and filmmaking technique elevate the material, and the film has the sweep and power of a feature within its short running time.

“Crescendo” is emotional, memorable filmmaking, with powerful images, a beautiful score and a surprising twist at the film’s end. The film’s message will provoke thought and discussion — and its aesthetic beauty will take viewers on a true journey.

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