Ocean Breeze

By Joe Gomez | Drama
A tourist visits an American beach town, but struggles with what's outside her room.

A French Canadian tourist finds herself in an American beach town, but can’t seem to leave her hotel room. Struggling with her isolation, anxiety and perhaps even heartbreak, she struggles to embrace the potential adventure outside her room.

This short drama is a lovely, intimate portrait of a character struggling with her internal world. With a mental landscape filled with some kind of fear, anxiety or avoidance, her inner world is now affecting her movements in her outer reality, and she finds herself stuck in her room, essentially captured in a trap of her own making.

The camerawork and cinematography are gently observational and often quite lovely, suffused in softness and glow. Confined to the hotel room, the images are very detail-oriented, capturing quotidian details like the time on the clocks and the pictures on the walls.

As the main character conjures a whole dream vacation for herself while never leaving her room, the light begins to seep away. But once a hotel maid interrupts this hermetic world to do her job, the tourist is forced out into the world.

Because the world created in the film is so insular, sound and music play a strong role in the short, giving a sense of the larger world outside the character’s confines. From the muffled sounds of the next-door neighbors to the beautiful bits of music, they only add to the sense of delicacy and gracefulness that informs the film.

“Ocean Breeze” is a quiet, even sweet film, but its simplicity belies its soulfulness. The arc may not be dramatic, but it offers the idea that life is about small victories — and sometimes just getting out of the door can be a great achievement.

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