We're All Going to Die

By Stefan Hunt | Comedy
A man takes on the simple task of exploring the meaning of life.

Film director Stefan Hunt seemed to have it all at a young age: he was a successful filmmaker who travel the world doing what he loved and lived a life of adventure. But all that success didn't stop him from developing anxiety and questioning the meaning of his life.

Stefan tried everything: he surfed, meditated, danced, talked it out. But while it placated him, it didn't quite eradicate his need for certainty. His anxiety got worse.

Then one day he sat by the ocean and realized that life guarantees only one thing: everyone is going to die, no matter who they are or what they believe. That realization would change his life, and lead him to go off the grid to Spain for three weeks, where he wrote down his philosophy of life in the form of a poem. His poem was actually published as a book and his message found a huge audience, who resonated with Stefan's courage and deep truth.

"We're All Going to Die" is one of the fruits of Stefan's existential journey, taking his poem and manifesto and turning it into a cinematic confection. It has a strong, serious message: it wants its viewers to fear less and live more by reflecting on death and creating art. The voiceover narration asks us to imagine what would flash before our eyes if death -- in the form of the voice of The Matrix and Lord of the Rings actor Hugo Weaving -- paid us a visit.

But the film itself is funny, vibrant and even joyous in feel, exploring the meaning of life through flights of fancy, colorful visuals and the occasional fart joke.

Imaginative camerawork and vivid cinematography, along with dynamic animation and strong writing, all work together to offer viewers an opportunity not only to be entertained but to reflect on who they are and how they live their lives.

Director Stefan Hunt has a clear agenda to wake people up from living a passive life in denial of its central fact: that it comes to an end. The sheer brio, wit and delight of the filmmaking itself offers energy, uplift and inspiration in its message to look at how they live through the lens of death -- and at its end, be inspired to embrace life and all of its possibilities.

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