By Alex Alexandrou | Horror
A man and his oppressive brother believe they are the only ones left in the world. Then, someone knocks at their door.

Richmond lives with his older brother in a dingy flat in England, in a world that has rotted down to its dregs.

The pair believe they’re the only people left in the world, and Richmond suffers under the unpredictable, volatile moods of his brother.

But then one day someone knocks at their door, upending their assumptions about the world outside and sparking a crisis between the two brothers.

Writer-director Alex Alexandrou — along with producer James Alexandrou — has crafted a short that can be filed under the sci-fi genre, since its premise is essentially futuristic.

But the film’s vision of the apocalyptic isn’t gleaming with technology. Instead, the film’s world is gritty, grimy and claustrophobic, confined like the brothers into a small, dingy space. The world outside may be a dangerous unknown, but inside their quarters, the brothers are trapped, only able to leave to trap rabbits to eat.

As a result of its tight scope, the film is actually a chamber drama: a psychological portrait of the relationship between two brothers, one quiet, sensitive and even meek, while the other is erratic and dominant.

The film’s writing and acting intimately track the ebb and flow of often suppressed emotion between the brothers, while the camerawork is tight and controlled, emphasizing just how confined they are together. The fine performances by the small ensemble cast do a superb job in creating the feeling of people who know one another almost too well, but have no way of escape.

“Rabbits” is a tense short, full of uneasy and disquieting moments. When they finally build and gain momentum, the impact is explosive, and the film’s climax feels both shocking yet inevitable, and will linger with viewers long after watching.

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