Flying Eggs

By Sheldon Chau | Drama
A teenage boy goes too far when he throws eggs at a man on his morning run.

Tony is out for his morning job in NYC when his workout is interrupted by an egg flying out at him from above, barely missing him as it splatters on the sidewalk. Tony needs to decide: should he go about his business or confront the perpetrator?

But when an egg finally does hit him, he goes after the prankster. And what he discovers upstairs in the apartment above will upend all his expectations.

Director Sheldon Chau and writer Antonio Garcia Jr. have created a short gem of a thriller, combining narrative surprise, terrific cinematography and propulsive editing to power an audience through an engaging roller-coaster of a film that will take viewers to a place they will not see coming.

The film has a strong foundation, resting on a tight, well-focused script that develops an everyday city dweller's dilemma into something infinitely darker, and ultimately more devastating.

The story's element of genuine surprise can't be overstated, but what the film does with that twist is ingenuous, emotionally compelling and demands incredible skill and craftsmanship to carry off. The short pays off that twist in spades, ensuring no moment is wasted or overstays its welcome and making sure each beat lands its visceral punch.

As the film races towards its climax, what we think has become an ordinary everyday drama has become weighty and even profound -- an example of the surprising ways our sense of ethics and morality are tested in today's world.

The result is a cinematic experience that begins one way and lands in completely unexpected -- but sadly logical -- territory. "Flying Eggs" is ultimately about the tension between what we expect and what really lurks underneath those sometimes paltry assumptions, shaped by our experiences, ideas or moral imagination. With its blend of intelligent writing, intense and economical performances and stellar craft, this is a short that will have hearts both racing and breaking at the same time.

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