Cash for Gold

By Robert Enriquez | Drama
Desperate for money, a woman walks into a pawn shop owned by an Iranian family... and develops an unlikely connection.

Grace is a woman at the end of her rope and in need of quick cash. She goes to the Queen of Persia gold emporium to sell some of her jewelry, but the seller, Ehsan, can’t get her the price she wants for her valuables.

But Ehsan is constrained by his own pressures, in the form of a controlling father whose eye is always on Ehsan. But full of sympathy and understanding, he extends to her a moment of respite and understanding that offers her some hope during a difficult time.

Writer/lead actress Deborah Puette and director Robert Enriquez’s short drama is striking, even among short film standards, for its simplicity and clarity. A well-written two-hander full of fluid naturalistic camerawork, sympathetic performances and insights into the value of kindness to bridge divisions, it avoids the potential cliche and melodrama of its themes by keeping its storytelling understated and focused on what’s unsaid and hidden for each of the characters.

The short is limited in scope to one long scene and two main characters, and is remarkably economical about background and character exposition. We don’t know what exactly drives Grace into the gold seller’s store, and Ehsan’s constraints are revealed slowly through Grace’s own realizations. And yet viewers come to know these characters intimately, thanks to the precise, bravely vulnerable performances by Puette and Navid Negahban — also seen as Sultan in Disney’s live-action “Aladdin.”

The two actors play out a brief encounter that, in its push and pull, examines the economic and ethnic tensions that currently pull at the U.S. The writing is excellent here, never hammering out a “message” and offering a window of compassion into both characters’ lives. Despite the short run time, both Grace and Ehsan experience beautifully modulated emotional arcs that culminate in a moment of grace for both — one that offers a glimpse of just how transformative kindness and understanding can be for both the giver and receiver, even in the briefest of interactions.

The filmmakers are expanding “Cash for Gold” into a feature-length project that will hopefully flesh out these characters’ fuller stories. But as a standalone short, it stands out as a jewel-like, even elegant example of how a simple human interaction can contain depths of empathy and compassion — and what just one moment of understanding can offer to the most desperate of situation. Impactful, wise and genuinely earning its heartfelt ending, “Cash for Gold” offers a human-scale, achievable model of hope in a world where the social and political chasms between people can seem unbridgeable.

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