Planet Unknown

By Shawn Wang | Animation
2 robots search for signs of life on a desolate planet. But they run into trouble.

Towards the end of the 21st century, mankind sends two two space rovers to find potentially inhabitable planets before depleting its global resource. The rovers land on a desolate planet and begin their diagnostics, then embark on their mission to discover life on the planet. But trouble soon finds them…

Writer/director Shawn Wang has created a thoroughly entertaining, action-packed sci-fi animation, inspired by Christopher Nolan’s epic feature Interstellar. Based designs of NASA’s Curiosity, Opportunity, and Sojourner rovers, Wang worked with Cinema 4D, plugin TurbulenceFD and Octane for C4D to bring the images to life.

“Planet Unknown” is Wang’s senior thesis at Communication University of China. He spent four months building the 3D assets and a total of 11 months to craft the storyline and complete the animation. Echoic Audio then spent three more months to compose the original score and sound design.

In the end, Wang managed to create a visual treat — a world full of color and action, while still telling a universal story of triumph against all adversity.

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