By Marianne Farley | Drama
A woman goes to an illegal abortion clinic, following the adoption of an anti-abortion law.

Kara lives in a world where getting an abortion is now a crime. Desperate, she has no other choice but to use an illegal abortion clinic for the procedure.

The clinic is a grim and brutal reality, within a vehicle disguised as a meat delivery truck. But when the truck hits a stop and is searched by the police, Kara may also be in danger of losing her freedom and her life.

Written and directed by 2019 Academy Award nominee Marianne Farley, this bold, provocative Oscar-qualified dystopian speculative thriller uses its genre to generate considerable emotional intensity, layering a brilliantly constructed script with remarkable visual acuity and raw, intimate performances, particularly by actor Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, who plays Kara with a restraint that only makes her journey all the more intense and primal.

As a thriller alone, Frimas — which was executive produced by Uzo Aduba and Dan Denicola — would be top-notch, keeping viewers continually in its grip with well-orchestrated cinematic craft. But the film uses its dramatic tension to layer in observations of how the need for subterfuge and hiding amplifies the danger of the situation, and its haunting aerial shots evoke the constant threat of surveillance, as well as the gap between a seemingly ordinary truck on a road versus the trauma happening within in. Razor-sharp tension keeps its audience continually gripped in a tightly woven web of suspense, but that raw emotion is leveraged into reckoning with the emotional traumas and consequences of illegal abortions — leading to a haunting, shell-shocked ending for both Kara and the audience.

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