The Meltdown by Connor Kerrigan

A sarcastic jerk starts a nuclear meltdown by accident. But then, he becomes a hero with a heart.

Frolic ‘N Mae by Danny Madden

A little girl draws a monster on a pizza box. To her shock, it comes alive and causes trouble.

Infinite Scroll by Peter Henderson

An honest animation about the little lies we tell on social media.

Chase by Paraic McGloughlin

An artist took a camera from Ireland to Poland... and what he created is mesmerizing.

The Gulf by Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chretien and David Forest

When 2 travelers come across a canyon, they try to build a bridge to cross it.

Sugarless Tea by Sai Selvarajan

A man goes on a quest to travel from India to New York in search of a brother that was taken away.

Goodbye by Tyler Russo

A man died in a car crash and saw his life flash before his eyes. Then, he woke up in an interview.

Mobile by Verena Fels

When a lonely cow tries to make friends with other farm animals, hilarity ensues.

Foxed by James Stewart

A little girl is kidnapped by foxes and forced to dig in a mine. But nobody notices she's missing.

The Sea Is Blue by Vincent Peone

A little girl falls off a boat and sinks to the ocean floor. Then, an unlikely rescuer saves her.