By James Stewart | Animation
When a young girl is kidnapped by foxes and forced to dig in a mine, she uses her wits to get back home.

The Sea Is Blue

By Vincent Peone | Animation
A stop-motion fable explains how the ocean got its color.

The Itching

By Dianne Bellino | Animation
A shy wolf tries to befriend a group of party-loving bunnies. But then, her body starts to revolt.

Analogue Loaders

By Raphael Vangelis | Animation
A stop-motion animation inspired by the frustrations of waiting for loading screens.

8 Bullets

By Frank Ternier | Animation
A grief-stricken French expat is obsessed with tracking down the man that killed his family.

The Present

By Jacob Frey | Animation
A young boy spends most of his time playing video games... until his mom gives him a present.

Black Holes

By David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas and Meat Dept. | Animation
An astronaut embarks on the first human mission to Mars. Then, a seedless melon ruins everything.


By Dennis Sungmin Kim | Animation
An elephant learns to see life differently through a series of intimate and colorful experiences.


By Dominica Harrison | Animation
A surreal tale about the serendipitous meeting of two lonely souls who live in their own imaginary world.

A Small Escape

By David Sandell | Animation
A pair of scissors tries to escape a kitchen. Then, he gets a little help from his friends.

Makin’ Moves

By Kouhei Nakama | Animation
A Japanese artist turns the human body into a wild animated dance video.

Bright Spots

By Jilli Rose | Animation
A scientist talks about his work preventing extinctions on islands -- and the importance of protecting our planet.

The Bigger Picture

By Daisy Jacobs | Animation
Two brothers struggle to care for their aging, dying mother.


By Gints Zilbalodis | Animation
After a plane crashes on a deserted island, a young man and his dog tries to find a way home.

The Guardian

By Alessandro Novelli | Animation
A peasant travels the world and comes across an open gate. But then, a fearsome guardian stops him.