The Itching by Dianne Bellino

A shy wolf meets a bunch of party-loving bunnies. Then, her entire body starts itching.

Analogue Loaders by Raphael Vangelis

An artist sits waiting for his computer to load... and this brilliant animation is what he created.

Not the End of the World by Jack Bennett

A young boy is totally unprepared when a note lands in front of him at school.

8 Bullets by Frank Ternier

A man sees a brutal attack on his family. Now, he's hungry for revenge.

The Present by Jacob Frey

A little boy spends most of his time playing video games... until his mom gives him a present.

Black Holes by David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas and Kevin Van Der Meiren

An astronaut embarks on the first human mission to Mars. Then, a seedless melon ruins everything.

Elliot by Dennis Sungmin Kim

An elephant learns to see life differently through a series of intimate and colorful experiences.

Illusions by Dominica Harrison

A surreal tale about the serendipitous meeting of 2 lonely souls who live in their imaginary world.

A Small Escape by David Sandell

A pair of scissors tries to escape a kitchen. Then, he gets a little help from his friends.

Makin’ Moves by Kouhei Nakama

A Japanese artist turns the human body into a wild animated dance video.