Spice Frontier

By Jalil Sadool and Adam Meyer | Animation
An intergalactic chef hunts for rare Earth spices and gets a big surprise.

Follow Your Heart

By Rob O'Neill | Animation
A young woman loses her 'heart', then learns to find herself.

Bite of the Tail

By Song E. Kim | Animation
A woman suffers from stomach pains as her husband searches for a snake.


By Alister Lockhart and Patrick Sarell | Animation
A man with road rage confronts an elderly driver. Then all hell breaks loose.

After the Rain

By Valerian Desterne | Animation
A loyal dog helps his master turn sheep's wool into clouds.

The Go Cart

By Kailyne R. Waters | Animation
A shopping cart navigates a world of danger and brings happiness to those it meets.

The Full Story

By Daisy Jacobs | Animation
A loving family breaks apart during the divorce boom of the '70s and '80s.

Nowhere Line: Voices From Manus Island

By Lukas Schrank | Animation
2 men recount their dangerous journeys to Australia.

The Box

By Dusan Kastelic | Animation
The box is full of miserable creatures -- but one of them doesn't belong there.


By Devon Manney | Animation
A veteran soldier battles phantom pains and memories of a pre-war life.

I Think I Love You

By Xiya Lan | Animation
A beautiful animation about love's different forms.

EI: Emotional Intelligence

By Dennis Sungmin Kim | Animation
2 robots are created to feel emotion. Then they fall in love.

Taking Flight

By Brandon Oldenburg | Animation
A young boy's day with grandpa turns into an epic adventure.

Lost and Found (Oscars)

By Andrew Goldsmith and Bradley Slabe | Animation
A clumsy crochet dinosaur must unravel itself to save the love of its life.

Marfa (Sundance)

By The Brothers McLeod | Animation
A town in the Texas borderlands with lost horses, food trucks and a giant lemon.