Good Grief by Fiona Dalwood

Five people share their stories of losing something precious -- and what it has taught them about living.

Mr. Blue Footed Booby by Gino Imagino

A bird on the edge of extinction enjoys a magical dinner among his surreal thoughts.

Eggplant by Yangzi She

A little boy who can't express his emotions shows us why being different is beautiful.

The Life of Death by Marsha Onderstijn

A hand-drawn animation about the day 'Death' fell in love with 'Life' through a beautiful doe.

EI: Emotional Intelligence by Dennis Sungmin Kim

The story of 2 artificial intelligence robots who are anything but artificial.

Lost Property by Asa Lucander

When an old woman loses something dear to her heart, she goes to the only place it can be found, The Lost Property office.

Fears by Nata Metlukh

We've been taught that fear is bad. But it can be good, as well.

One Bright Spot by Clement Morin

A little light rises from the deep sea and illuminates our connected world.

Not Over by Toru Hayai

A tale of a giant stuffed bear and his will to win.

Speed Dating by Meghann Artes

A young woman tries speed dating as a last ditch effort to find the man of her dreams.