By Sharon Everitt | Comedy
A Star Trek actor tries to one-up his co-star in his return to Hollywood.

Second Best

By Alyssa McClelland | Comedy
Identical twin sisters become rivals as one's gymnastics career steals the spotlight.

Untitled Short Film About White People

By Nicholas Colia | Comedy
A white woman tries to befriend the Indian on her block.

In Other Words

By Lola Blanc | Comedy
Ex-lovers meet to return each other's things. What they say and think is different.

Sunday Dinner

By Kevin Mead | Comedy
An Italian-American man comes out as vegan to his traditional family.

Freckle and the Shih Tzu

By Lizzy Sanford | Comedy
A dog walker and a psychic try to return a dog across town.

Boys and Toys

By Kevin P. Alexander | Comedy
A woman hits on a younger guy at a bar. But it's awkward when she already knows him.

Library of God

By Stian Hafstad | Comedy
A slacker tries to prove his life's worth to get into God's 'permanent collection'.


By Nicole Emanuele | Comedy
A mysterious nun and a makeup artist get what they wish for -- and that's a problem...


By Corey Shurge | Comedy
2 strangers meet in a motel room where everything is not as it seems.

The Maiden and the Princess

By Ali Scher | Comedy
A young girl kisses another girl, then learns a lesson in a fairytale.

Four Eyes

By Michael Clowater | Comedy
A young boy is bullied for wearing glasses. Then he stands up for himself.

Italian Miracle

By Francesco Gabriele | Comedy
A young man is asked to translate a woman's confession. It may change their lives.

Real Talk

By Artemis Shaw | Comedy
A woman goes on a talk show to face a famous producer. But he has the 'perfect apology'.

The Lost Scot

By Julien Cornwall | Comedy
3 friends go clay shooting in a remote area of Scotland. Then everything goes wrong.

White Guys Solve Sexism

By Christopher Guerrero | Comedy
2 men realize that all of their favorite movies are now sexist.