Under the Robes

By Michel Zarazir | Comedy
A Catholic priest visits an isolated group of nuns. But he steps on a landmine.

For Closure

By Mike Peebler | Comedy
A real estate agent is desperate to make a sale. He gets more than he bargained for.

Radical Honesty

By Bianca Poletti | Comedy
A guy and girl are on a great date. Then he reveals his open relationship...

Catch a Girl

By LeRon Lee | Comedy
An 11-year-old boy plays a childhood game to find girls. It's harder than he expects.

Every Other Week

By Ryan Wagner | Comedy
A young man is 'dumped' by his therapist. Then it takes an unexpected turn.

The Atomic Spawn

By Arthur Veneema | Comedy
A scientist discovers a mysterious egg at a nuclear test site. Then it hatches...

You Are the Captain

By Dan Samiljan | Comedy
A woman joins a mysterious self-help program. But gets more than she expected.

Chubby Can Kill

By Kevin Ung | Comedy
An overweight video clerk emulates his favorite movie heroes to stop gangsters.

Jeff Can't Swim

By Michaela Myers | Comedy
A nervous man goes on a date with a co-worker. Then he starts to act out...

Refrigerate After Opening

By Kevin Ung | Comedy
A man is down on his luck. Then he buys a magical refrigerator.

Viskar I Vinden

By James Newman | Comedy
An investigator works at a murder scene. Then the corpse farts to communicate...

Bad News

By Markus Meedt | Comedy
A politician goes on a popular TV show. Then a scandal unfolds.

The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter

By Louis Norton Selzer | Comedy
An impatient man tries to get a package.

Hometown Hero

By Max McCabe | Comedy
2 estranged brothers come together to crack the case of a vegetable killer.

Lizard Brain

By Jon Ebeling | Comedy
A young man's ex comes back into his life. Then another side of him appears.