Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard by Tyler Hollinger

Two lifeguards are forced to make adult decisions after being confronted with the end of summer.

The Garden of Steven by Chris Keener and Rob Shore

A young missionary walks into a bar. Then, the bartender changes his life with a single drink.

The Lion by Sam H. Buchanan

A corporate recording session implodes when a seasoned voice over artist is pushed to his breaking point.

Don’t Call It a Comeback by Ramin Serry

A ladies' man dies, then tries to convince an angel to send him back for a one-night stand.

Situational by Scott Simonsen

A depressed man is kidnapped by his Craigslist roommate to see a sunrise over the ocean. But then, tensions begin to mount.

The Car by Joffrey Saintrapt

A man and his car are about to have a very bad day.

Pregnant Pause by Alice Seabright

A young woman is in a happy, long-term relationship. But now, she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.

Capes by Lucas Testro

When a superhero finds himself short of a sidekick, he comes up with an unlikely solution to his staffing problems.

What Cheer? feat. Richard Kind by Michael Slavens

After the sudden passing of his wife, a musician is forced to deal with grief... in the form of a 20-piece brass band.

I’m You, Dickhead by Lucas Testro

A man travels back in time to force his 10-year-old self to learn guitar, so he can get more action with the ladies.