Time by Theodore Collatos

A camera is set up inside a prison to record inmates talking. I didn't expect them to be so real.

The Christmas Light Killer by James P. Gannon

During Christmas, one man drives a two-mile stretch, killing the lights to a holiday show, ending the joy day after day.

Xiong Di by Enric Ribes and Oriol Martinez

Xiong di means 'brotherhood' in Chinese. Only friendship, love and kickboxing can make them forget they're living in a factory.

We Live This by James Burns

4 boys from the projects dance on the subway to make ends meet. But they have bigger dreams.

Notes on a Case of Nicholas Gurewitch by Calyer Creative

A glimpse into the whimsical mind of Nicholas Gurewitch, as he illustrates a picture book about 'Death'.

Finn by Christian Schultz

A dad's heartbreaking video about his dying son is trying to fund the cure to save his life.

Manuel de los Santos by Peter Montgomery

See why Manuel de los Santos is one of sport's most inspirational figures.

Hotel 22 by Elizabeth Lo

Each night in Silicon Valley, a bus line turns into a homeless shelter in one of the richest parts of the world.

Tone by Trent Jaklitsch

A camera is set up to record an artist painting. Once it zooms in, it's simply stunning.

Isabella by Ross Hogg and Duncan Cowles

As a 92-year-old woman's memory begins to falter, her past is explored, questioned and brought to life.