We Live This

By James Burns | Documentary
Meet 4 boys from the projects who dance on the subway to pursue their dreams.

Notes On a Case of Nicholas Gurewitch

By Calyer Creative | Documentary
Meet a comics artist creating a picture book about 'death'.

Hotel 22 (Sundance)

By Elizabeth Lo | Documentary
This bus line turns into an unofficial homeless shelter each night.


By Ross Hogg and Duncan Cowles | Documentary
An elderly woman whose memory begins to falter reflects on her past.

Born to Be Mild

By Andy Oxley | Documentary
Welcome to the 'Dull Men's Club' -- a place where being ordinary is celebrated.

Smoke That Travels

By Kayla Briet | Documentary
A Native American girl explores the preservation and loss of her culture.

War and Cheese

By Ben Garfield | Documentary
A Russian man borrows $100,000 and builds a cheese factory in the snowy wilderness.

Ghosts of the Arctic

By Abraham Joffe | Documentary
A wildlife photographer searches for polar bears in the frozen Arctic.

Becoming: Bradley Theodore

By Matt Pizzano | Documentary
Meet a street artist who taught himself to paint to survive dark times.

Rhythm Is My Business

By Stewart Maclennan | Documentary
A dancer explores the connection between tap and rap.

160 Characters

By Victoria Mapplebeck | Documentary
A woman finds text messages on an old phone that tell the story of a relationship.

German Shepherd

By Nils Bergendal | Documentary
The son of a Holocaust survivor grapples with the possibility of forgiving evil.

Rough Waters

By Claire Imler | Documentary
A depressed woman struggles to stay afloat amid the rough waters in her life.

Wright’s Law

By Zack Conkle | Documentary
This teacher's heartbreaking story teaches his students the true meaning of life.

The Wait

By David Hayes | Documentary
A wildfire photographer hunts for the perfect shot in the mountains of Romania.