The Midnight Service: Home Invasion by Brett Potter and Dean C. Marcial

A broke comedian's retreat into the Everglades is interrupted by an uninvited visitor.

A House Without Snakes by Daniel Koehler

In Botswana, two young Bushmen try to build a future after their people are forced to leave their homeland.

Born to Be Mild by Andy Oxley

Welcome to the Dull Men's Club -- a group of men quite content with life's more sedate pleasures.

Afterglow by Tommaso Di Paola and Jack Webber

A photographer travels to the mountain lakes of Snowdonia to show the beauty of cold-water swimming.

Smoke That Travels by Kayla Briet

A young woman explores the preservation and loss of her Native American culture.

Dangerous Curves by Merete Mueller

A plus-size pole dancer uncovers vulnerability and strength through public exposure.

War and Cheese by Ben Garfield

When Russia banned Western cheese imports, one man quit his job, sold his house and built a cheese factory.

The Superman by Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands

A lone freediver escapes to another world underwater where his impossible dreams become reality.

Ghosts of the Arctic by Abraham Joffe

A photographer goes into the beautiful expanse of the frozen Arctic in search of the elusive polar bear.

Breath by The Mercadantes

Here's a 3-minute video about the everyday moments that take your breath away.