The Last Mambabatok

By Brent Foster | Documentary
This 99-year-old woman is the last 'hand-tap' tattoo artist of her generation.


By Torben Bernhard | Documentary
A young Mormon and her supportive family prepare to travel abroad for her sexual reassignment surgery.

160 Characters

By Victoria Mapplebeck | Documentary
A woman finds text messages on an old Nokia phone. And it tells the story of a three-year relationship.

German Shepherd

By Nils Bergendal | Documentary
A Holocaust survivor's son goes to Germany looking for evil. Then, he gets a lesson in forgiveness.

Day by Day

By Jeremy McNamara | Documentary
An artist turns old broken skateboards into functional objects, then reminds us to do what we love.

Rough Waters

By Claire Imler | Documentary
What depression actually is, because it's more than 'just being sad'.


By Trent Jaklitsch | Documentary
The memories of a family return on a tour of their empty home.

Wright’s Law

By Zack Conkle | Documentary
A teacher uses wacky experiments to explain science... and a personal story to teach the meaning of life.


By Bartholomaus Traubeck | Documentary
What do tree rings sound like when played like a record? It's hauntingly beautiful.

Touch the Sky ft. Alex Zanardi

By Tim Hahne | Documentary
A racing driver lost his legs in a car crash, then became one of sport's most inspirational figures.


By American Theatre Wing | Documentary
A clown spent 40 years making people laugh. Then, he takes off his makeup and reveals the craft.

The Wait

By David Hayes | Documentary
A world-famous photographer goes on the hunt for the 'perfect shot'. And it's breathtaking to see.


By Ian Derry | Documentary
A Finnish woman holds the world-record for swimming under a frozen lake. Breathtaking.

Undeveloped WW2 Film

By The Rescued Film Project | Documentary
31 rolls of film from a WW2 soldier are discovered and processed. And the results are breathtaking.