Becoming: Bradley Theodore by Matt Pizzano

A street artist taught himself to paint and overcame the darkest moments of his life.

Rhythm Is My Business by Stewart Maclennan

A dancer explores the connection between tap and rap.

How Mr. and Mrs. Gock Saved the Kumara by Felicity Morgan-Rhind

When New Zealand saved two Chinese refugees in the 1940s, they return the favor by saving the 'kumara'.

Duct Tape Surfing by Mark Tipple

With the help of a family friend and a roll of duct tape, a paralyzed woman can call herself a surfer again.

Thank You Project by Strong Films

Life was perfect when she became a mom. 14 weeks later, everything changed.

Eric and Peety by Mutual Rescue

A man on the verge of death rescued a dog with no hope. Then, the dog rescues him.

Varanasi by Aeyaz

He took a camera to a sacred site in India. And what he recorded is hauntingly beautiful.

A Continuous Shape by Eyes and Ears

Watch a stone carver create a portrait -- from start to finish -- out of massive blocks of stone.

The Last Mambabatok by Brent Foster

This 99-year-old woman is the last 'hand-tap' tattoo artist of her generation.

Transmormon by Torben Bernhard

A young Mormon and her supportive family prepare to travel abroad for her sexual reassignment surgery.