160 Characters by Victoria Mapplebeck

A woman finds text messages on an old Nokia phone. And it tells the story of a three-year relationship.

German Shepherd by Nils Bergendal

A Holocaust survivor's son goes to Germany looking for evil. Then, he gets a lesson in forgiveness.

Possessed by Martin Hampton

Enter the complicated worlds of four hoarders; people whose lives are dominated by their relationship to possessions.

Day by Day by Jeremy McNamara

An artist turns old broken skateboards into functional objects, then reminds us to do what we love.

Rough Waters by Claire Imler

What depression actually is, because it's more than 'just being sad'.

Hiraeth by Trent Jaklitsch

The memories of a family return on a tour of their empty home.

Wright’s Law by Zack Conkle

A teacher uses wacky experiments to explain science... and a personal story to teach the meaning of life.

Years by Bartholomaus Traubeck

What do tree rings sound like when played like a record? It's hauntingly beautiful.

Touch the Sky feat. Alex Zanardi by Tim Hahne

A racing driver lost his legs in a car crash, then became one of sport's most inspirational figures.

Clowning by American Theatre Wing

A clown spent 40 years making people laugh. Then, he takes off his makeup and reveals the craft.