Love Comes Later by Sonejuhi Sinha

An unexpected discovery forces an undocumented motel employee to make a life changing decision.

Small Arms feat. Tyler Young by Arman Cole

A bullied college student seeks out shooting lessons with a reclusive ex-militia member in an effort to prove his manhood.

Tim of the Jungle by Nasos Gatzoulis

A young man tries to finish a soundtrack to a horror film. But his dysfunctional parents keep fighting.

Lambing Season by Jack Benjamin Gill

An isolated teen suspects he's a victim of a child kidnapping. And his parents aren't who they seem.

Ari by Alex Murawski

An overweight boy tries to talk to his crush. Then, he writes a love letter and stands up in class.

This Always Happens by Alexander Christenson

A couple on a first date clash over astrology.

Balance by Mark Ram

A climber is pulled off a cliff when his partner falls. Now his life hangs in an unstable balance.

Wash Club by Simon Dymond

A college student investigates a mysterious cult. But then, he becomes its ringleader by accident.

Beat feat. Ben Whishaw by Aneil Karia

A young man dances around London to a soundtrack in his head. But then, he starts to unhinge.

Blood and Water by Brian Blum

A young diver trains for the Olympics. But then, a near-death accident leaves him in shock.