Division Ave.

By Tamar Glezerman | Drama
A Mexican cleaning lady befriends a Jewish woman who fights for her justice.


By Remy Bazerque | Drama
2 bickering brothers try to outrun the devil.

Street Flame

By Katherine Propper | Drama
A skate crew honors one of their own after a tragic accident.

August Sun

By Franco Volpi | Drama
A man is torn between his bipolar mother and his life abroad.

The Things You Think I’m Thinking

By Sherren Lee | Drama
A burn-survivor goes on his first date after his accident.


By Yianni Warnock | Drama
A man takes bath with Christmas lights as his wife flirts with a stranger online.

The Call Centre

By Louisa Connolly-Burnham | Drama
A woman at a call center makes a connection with a customer. But she goes too far.

This Perfect Day

By Lydia Rui | Drama
A rebellious teen walks into a music store. And it may change their life forever.

The Jog

By Joseph Lee Anderson | Drama
A man gets the news of his lifetime. But his morning jog doesn't go as planned.


By Nora Niasari | Drama
A teenage girl can't accept her mother's fiance during a family road trip.


By Ben Strang | Drama
A teenager searches for his missing father with the help of a mysterious fisherman.

Mother, Child

By Tin Pang | Drama
A mother is forced to live with her adult son after suffering a stroke.

The Storyteller

By Alex Emanuel | Drama
A father tells magical tales to win back his children. Then it blurs with reality.

Infinite ft. George MacKay

By Connor O’Hara | Drama
A terminally-ill man has a plan to 'live on' and gets his friends to help.


By Paris Zarcilla | Drama
2 young brothers compete in gymnastics. Then they become rivals.