In a Cane Field

By Emily Avila | Drama
A teenage girl is found in a cane field. And her murder engulfs the tourist town.

The Shuttle

By Lu Han | Drama
A nail salon owner suspects her husband is having an affair with one of her employees.

Career Day

By Ashley Deckman | Drama
A young girl waits in her school auditorium to make her 'Career Day' presentation. Her mom is running late.


By Taj J. Musco | Drama
A grieving widower and a Singaporean policeman develop an unlikely friendship.

Night Shift (Sundance)

By Marshall Tyler | Drama
A day in the life of a bathroom attendant in a Los Angeles nightclub.

Come Out of the Woods

By Jonny Blair | Drama
3 brothers try to escape a corrupt cop. But a body is found on their land.


By Bonnie Moir | Drama
A closeted gay man confronts his darkest fears at a cruising area under a bridge.

Sunday Worship

By Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe | Drama
An elderly man in ailing health finds solace watching a local soccer team.

The Prevailing Winds

By Adam Butcher | Drama
A lone hiker searches for her sister, despite a deadly toxin in the air.

Visit 57

By Kate Phelan | Drama
A woman goes to her fertility doctor for the 57th time.

Over (Sundance)

By Jorn Threlfall | Drama
A crime scene is revealed in a quiet neighborhood in reverse chronological order.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

By Matt Soson | Drama
2 hikers backpacking through the desert stop to face a dire situation.


By Christian van Duuren | Drama
A soldier is drawn into a war-game with the neighborhood kids. Then he loses control.

Snooze Time

By Ivan Barge | Drama
A woman reflects on the effects of time on her life and relationships.

Homing In

By Parker Hill | Drama
A woman finds a strange man in her home. But the situation feels all too familiar.