By Ian Hunt-Duffy | Drama
A father tries to find his young daughter after she goes missing during a traffic jam.

A Man Departed

By Grant Lafferty | Drama
A widower can't catch a break on the day of his wife's funeral.

Mahalia Melts In the Rain

By Emilie Mannering and Carmine Pierre-Dufour | Drama
A teased Black girl gets her hair straightened for the first time.

3 Minutes of Silence ft. Bella Ramsey

By Ben Price | Drama
A troubled girl discovers an unlikely haven in a boxing gym.


By Atul Taishete | Drama
3 friends bet their lives and $1 million in a game of Russian roulette -- in reverse.

I'm Still Here

By Justin Suttles | Drama
A woman tries to contact the outside world before an invasion of an unknown threat.

2nd Class

By Jimmy Olsson | Drama
A teacher is attacked by a neo-Nazi, then discovers it's her student's father.

Doesn't Fall Far

By Joshua Michael Payne | Drama
A father and son have a secret that comes to light in the span of an evening.


By James Arden | Drama
A teenager questions her strict father after meeting a free-spirited girl at a laundromat.


By Paavo Hanninen | Drama
A woman visits New Orleans and pretends to be someone else. Now she's in trouble...


By Erin Good | Drama
A young woman is controlled by her partner. Then a mysterious woman offers her a way out.


By Fabien Ara | Drama
A mother reveals plans to kill herself during a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant.


By Emile Schlesser | Drama
A young man with Down syndrome is bullied as he fights for his one true love.


By Dylan Boom | Drama
4 couples argue about their relationships -- in one home, in a single shot.


By Emile Schlesser | Drama
A young man throws a party during the pandemic. Then the police show up...