Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

By Matt Soson | Drama
2 hikers backpacking through the desert stop to face a dire situation.


By Christian van Duuren | Drama
A soldier is drawn into a war-game with the neighborhood kids. Then he loses control.

Snooze Time

By Ivan Barge | Drama
A woman reflects on the effects of time on her life and relationships.

Homing In

By Parker Hill | Drama
A woman finds a strange man in her home. But the situation feels all too familiar.

F Is for Friendship

By Shaya Mulcahy | Drama
A woman decides to air out some dirty laundry to win back her name.

Penny Sucker

By Erin Elders | Drama
A young man struggles to connect with his father while revealing an odd addiction.


By Spencer Gillis | Drama
3 men smoke a joint and become fast friends. But they part ways in an unforgivable manner.


By Alex Murawski | Drama
A shy boy has never been kissed. So his best friend offers his girlfriend to practice with.

The Loyalist

By Minji Kang | Drama
A North Korean general visits his daughter to test her loyalty to the motherland.

Small Arms

By Arman Cole | Drama
A harassed student seeks out shooting lessons with an ex-militia member.

Lambing Season

By Jack Benjamin Gill | Drama
An isolated teen suspects he's the victim of a child kidnapping.


By Alex Murawski | Drama
An overweight boy finds courage and self-acceptance in the most unexpected way.


By Mark Ram | Drama
2 climbers are connected by a rope. But one falls, leaving the other in an uneasy balance.

Wash Club

By Simon Dymond | Drama
An aspiring journalist accidentally becomes the leader of the cult he's investigating.

Blood and Water

By Brian Blum | Drama
An Olympic diver struggles to return to the pool after a training accident.