Those Eyes

By Nick Scown | Drama
A young man tracks down his birth mother to get answers to his lifelong questions.

Road to Peshawar

By Hammad Rizvi | Drama
A young Afghan girl embarks on a dangerous journey to Pakistan.


By Dustin Curtis Murphy | Drama
A doctor who lives off the grid stumbles upon the body of a kidnapped politician.


By Ben Brand | Drama
A man dies in a car accident, then has a conversation with God about the meaning of life.


By Richard Prendergast | Drama
A single mother takes her family on a road trip. But it's to an unwanted destination.

Lambing Season

By Jeannie Donohoe | Drama
A woman tracks down her long-lost father in Ireland while posing as a stranger.


By Ben Reid | Drama
A man falls to his death from the window of a care home. And it seems like an accident.

Over the Wall

By Roy Zafrani | Drama
An Israeli boy meets a Palestinian boy and discovers the truth isn't what he's told.

San Miguel (Cannes)

By Cris Gris | Drama
A devout young girl pushes her faith to extremes to heal her grieving mother.

Like Turtles

By David Mandell | Drama
A homeless mother struggles to raise her son after losing her husband to cancer.

Winter Coat

By Werner Vivier | Drama
A young boy commits a petty crime that reveals a unique bond with his neighbor.

Always Remember Me

By Nell Teare | Drama
A young woman confronts her past at her best friend's 7th birthday party.


By Shane Hartline | Drama
A young woman pursues her dream of acting after permanently losing her voice.

Three Deaths (Sundance)

By Jay Dockendorf | Drama
3 strangers confront death in a modern interpretation of a Tolstoy story.

Little Chief (Sundance)

By Erica Tremblay | Drama
A young teacher cares for a troubled boy on a Native American reservation.