By Paul Murphy | Drama
A troubled woman reveals her dark secret to a stranger at a bus stop.

La Ruta

By Star Victoria | Drama
A mother and daughter embark on the 'Route of Death' to reach the U.S.-Mexico border.

Last Meal

By Austin Simmons | Drama
A man who cooks last meals for death row inmates dreams of becoming a celebrity chef.


By John Marsh | Drama
A woman's suicide attempt is interrupted by a flower delivery man in a bear costume.


By Michael-David McKernan | Drama
A lonely taxi driver takes drastic action to protect a customer from heartbreak.

The Invention

By Leo McGuigan | Drama
A young boy hatches a plan to steal cigarettes.


By Pietro Traversa | Drama
A man pulls a gun at a convenience store. But the cashier wants to have his say...

Commander Sam

By Liam Fouracre | Drama
A young girl dreams of being in space. So her father turns his van into a spaceship.

Bus 44 (Cannes)

By Dayyan Eng | Drama
A bus robbery sets off a shocking chain of events...


By Adam Birch | Drama
A young girl is invited to the popular-kids party. But she has to make a choice.

Hello Ma’am

By Owen Schwartzbard | Drama
A young con artist enters a stranger's home, then gets more than he bargains for.


By Aurora Fearnley | Drama
A photographer falls on hard times and becomes a paparraza to support her family.

Revenge Tour

By Andrew Carter | Drama
A young man is angry for being cheated on. Then he finds a way to move on -- rapping.


By Ian Hunt-Duffy | Drama
A father tries to find his young daughter after she goes missing during a traffic jam.

A Man Departed

By Grant Lafferty | Drama
A widower can't catch a break on the day of his wife's funeral.