Sink or Swim

By Alisa Tritenko | Drama
A young woman tries to reunite with her son after her ex-husband takes him to Russia.

Scrap Dolls

By Aude Cuenod | Drama
A grieving boy meets an artist who turns abandoned objects into art.

Lions Among Men

By Traci Hays | Drama
A woman is shipwrecked on an island with her captors. So she fights to survive...


By Michael Kam | Drama
A lonely boy is infatuated with his new neighbor. So he reaches out to her...

If I Quit Now

By Luke Wissell | Drama
A man plans to quit a faith-based rehab. It devastates the teen he's been mentoring.

The Mohel

By Charles Wahl | Drama
A new father clashes with the rabbi at his baby's rite of passage ceremony.

Ahma and Alan

By James Y. Shih | Drama
A young man is thrown in jail in Taiwan. Now his rural grandma must bail him out.

The Goldfish

By Ashley Brim | Drama
An adopted woman confronts her darkest fear at her sister's baby shower.

Woman In Purple

By Igor Drljaca | Drama
An orphan who works for a drug dealer meets a woman who reminds him of his mother.

Oh, Mighty Ocean

By Nathan Xia | Drama
A young man tries to ignore his demons, as his entire life crumbles around him.


By Larry Ketang and Liam White | Drama
A man's life begins to unravel when a chatty stranger disturbs his peaceful lunch.

Dream of Aces

By Emir Kumova | Drama
A magician goes to a secret show -- and performs the trick that changed his life.

The Rabbit's Foot

By Magnus McCullagh and Charlie Brafman | Drama
A killer with a lucky rabbit's foot finally meets his match...


By Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan | Drama
A young man struggles to readjust to his life after an unprovoked assault.

Their War

By Max Mason | Drama
2 soldiers on opposite sides of World War I try to survive and return to their families.