Love and Joy

By Michelle Bossy | Drama
A single mom spends her first Christmas alone without her child.

Burnt Toast and Cigarettes

By Paul Stainthorpe | Drama
A troubled teen tries to get her life in order -- but problems show up.


By Eddy Bell | Drama
A farmer faces the worst drought in Australia's history -- and risks losing everything.

Slow Pulse

By Marshall Tyler | Drama
A man learns to heal through dance -- in a story of love and hope.

Tony's Auto Repair

By Jordan T. Parrott and Johan T. Anderson | Drama
A crime boss mother discovers her son had an affair with a rival mob member.


By Colin Wang | Drama
A man asks a woman on a date -- but she never shows up.

Revenge of the Electric Cart

By Rikki Stinnette | Drama
A young girl with a disabled mother overcomes prejudice at the store.

West Bottoms

By Gregory Sheffer | Drama
A father tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter before it's too late.

Puppet Me

By Annie Tippe | Drama
A ventriloquist's daughter puts on one last show after her father's death.


By Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers and Carmine Pierre-Dufour | Drama
A heartbroken woman gets an unexpected visit from her mother -- who hides the truth.

A Best Man

By Dylan Tuccillo | Drama
A best man tries to make a wedding go smoothly -- but he can only do so much.


By Andrew Montague | Drama
An alcoholic magician performs at a child's party -- and gets the surprise of his life.

Big Ears

By Sam Baron | Drama
A struggling actor discovers a lump on his testicle, then must confront his life choices.

El Astronauta

By Manuel Trotta | Drama
A man tries to fly to the moon to say goodbye to his late wife.

War of Colors

By Emir Kumova | Drama
A Black woman with white skin struggles to fit in with society.