Year Zero

By David Siev | Drama
2 brothers risk everything for survival under the Khmer Rouge regime.

Moonlight Dreams

By Souvid Datta | Drama
A pregnant teen returns to her village to challenge her sister's marriage.

The Widow's Last

By Vanessa Perdriau | Drama
A young widow fights to save her dying son during a devastating famine.

Turning Tide

By Andrew Muir | Drama
A young boy encounters a downed German pilot after witnessing a large aerial battle.

Call Connect

By Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell | Drama
A young helpline operator takes her first call and gets more than she expected.


By Alex Meader and Connor Hair | Drama
A young man with HIV attends a dinner with a family he's never met.

The Shadow of Cairo

By Tara Shehata | Drama
A young girl becomes a vigilante superhero to avenge her mother's death.


By Donald Broida | Drama
A mother is caught on video overdosing with her child. Then she becomes an online sensation.

Secret Child

By Yew Weng Ho | Drama
A single mother meets a wealthy man who takes an interest in her son.


By Sam Davis and Rayka Zehtabchi | Drama
A retired couple doesn't speak English anymore. They speak their own language.


By Danny Madden | Drama
A bullied teen gives a powerful performance in her drama class.

The Room In the Elephant

By Tricia Lee | Drama
A terminally-ill mother leaves Post-Its around the home for her daughter.

Under Growth

By Evin O'Neill | Drama
A young girl gets into a dangerous adventure of her own making.

The Suitcase

By Abi Damaris Corbin | Drama
A baggage handler discovers a terrorist plot in a suitcase. Then 9/11 happens...

Pretty People

By Shelby Bartelstein | Drama
A woman indulges in casual hookups. But her best friend gets jealous.