Happy Birthday

By Mustafa Toby Eck | Drama
A man suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him and gets the surprise of his life.

We Forgot to Break Up

By Chandler Levack | Drama
An ex-musician faces his famous bandmates. But the reunion is bittersweet.

Petit Four

By Kalainithan Kalaichelvan | Drama
An elderly man suspects his wife is having an affair with a ghost.

1.2 Million

By Anastasia Arsentyeva | Drama
A postman forges a letter sent to an old woman, as an act of kindness.


By Meloni Poole | Drama
A young girl confronts her bullies with the help of her horse.


By Alexander Etseyatse | Drama
A detective tries to draw a confession from a shoplifter. But he faces a moral dilemma.

Doublespeak (Sundance)

By Hazel McKibbin | Drama
A woman reports sexual harassment at work, then grapples with the aftermath.

Super Sounds

By Stephen de Villers | Drama
A deaf boy dreams of being a superhero. Then he meets a quirky girl.

Lily Meets Charlie

By Audrey Gagneux | Drama
A man hires an escort. To his shock, it's his stepdaughter.

Something Like Loneliness

By Seth and Ben Epstein | Drama
A woman captures the sound of her orgasm in Tupperware and barters it.

Coming to Terms

By Kait Gallagher | Drama
A young woman comes to terms with being an alcoholic.

Would You Like to Try Again?

By Michael Felker | Drama
A runaway teen finds an arcade game that replays her deepest regret.

Warriors of Sanita

By Luca Nappa | Drama
2 street kids discover a mutant with superpowers.


By Calum Macdiarmid | Drama
A postman lets us into his dark world in quiet suburbia.


By Justin Robinson | Drama
A grieving widow visits a psychic to see her late husband one last time.