He’s Mine

By Daniel Daigle | Drama
A single man gets an unexpected visitor who gives him a chance to reset his life.

This Is She

By Tarik Karam | Drama
A lonely woman develops a relationship with a mysterious spot on her walls.

H Positive

By Glenn Paton | Drama
A wealthy man with a terminal illness takes his own life in the most thrilling way.

Stop (Sundance)

By Reinaldo Marcus Green | Drama
A high school athlete's future is at risk when the police stop and search him.

Every Day My Dad Dies

By Steven Rico | Drama
A high school wrestler comes to terms with the death of his father.

The Family

By Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen | Drama
A young boy discovers his parents are divorcing, then takes a stand in the car.


By Jimmy Dean | Drama
A young girl is kicked off the boy's soccer team as she deals with her looming womanhood.

This Is Vanity

By Oliver Goodrum | Drama
A mother struggles with bullies who torment her disabled daughter.


By Doug Roland | Drama
A homeless 7-year-old who lives on the beach makes and sells 'stick people' to get by.