Porgies and Bass by Thomas Barnes

When a Latino man sits too close to a local fisherman on the beach, all hell breaks loose.

How Was Your Day? by Damien O’Donnell

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child. But then, everything changes.

Hitch Hike by Matthew J. Saville

A hitchhiking teen is determined to meet his birth mom. Then, a tattooed man gives him a ride.

Night by Joosje Duk

A white girl is stopped by a bouncer because the color of her skin. Then, the tables get turned.

Suburbia by Antonio Orena-Barlin

A man hears a gunshot in the neighborhood and goes to investigate. Based on shocking true events.

Night of the Foxes by Tom Haines

A farmer's daughter gets intimate with one of the staff. Then, her dad hears it and grabs a shotgun.

Margo Lily by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart

A couple is determined to plant a tree after the loss of a child. Then, the emotions flood out.

Top Floor by Aaron David DeFazio

A divorced man carries a big secret at work. But he lies to his son to be a good dad.

Sea Change by Nickolas Duarte

A young woman takes her dying sister on a road trip to see a 'doctor' about a cure.

Growth by Sil van der Woerd

Watch a family's rise and fall over the course of 20 years... in a single shot.