By Liz Cooper | Drama
A teen girl finds an abandoned baby and is faced with a decision that changes both their lives.

He Could’ve Gone Pro

By McGhee Monteith | Drama
When a woman comes home for Christmas, she and her mother are forced to confront the truth about their family's past.

La Carnada

By Josh Soskin | Drama
A Mexican boy embarks on his first drug smuggle across the Devil's Highway -- a notoriously fatal stretch of the Arizona desert.

Don’t Be a Hero ft. Missi Pyle

By Pete Lee | Drama
A middle-aged woman battles her loneliness and boredom by robbing banks in the guise of a cowboy on her lunch break.

In White

By Dania Bdeir | Drama
A woman returns to Beirut for her father's funeral, forcing her to face the traditions she escaped and the fiancee she's been hiding.

The Day That

By Dorian Tocker | Drama
Six family members each seek ways to manage their grief on the day of a father's unexpected death.


By Yonatan Weinstein | Drama
When a vaccine is denied permission for human trials, a young scientist will do whatever it takes to prove its efficacy.


By Victoria Rivera | Drama
Two sisters goof around on a hot summer day. But when their cousins come over, priorities begin to change.

Great Light

By Tony Oswald | Drama
The matriarch of a rural Kentucky family takes issue with her daughter's boyfriend at a gathering to view the total solar eclipse.

The Spa

By Will Goodfellow | Drama
When an old man decides he doesn't want his new spa, the deliveryman suspects there's more to the story.


By David Brundige | Drama
A modern couple can't connect over her new short hair.

Somersault Pike

By Kate Lefoe | Drama
A competitive diver faces her fears while taking on new heights.

Clique Bait

By Anna Mikami | Drama
A high school girl spreads a video sexualizing her childhood friend and classmate.

The Critic

By Toby Martin Hughes and James Shannon | Drama
A sous-chef prepares for a food critic whose verdict may save the restaurant. But the regular chef fails to make the evening shift.


By Clifford Miu | Drama
A young mom asks a 911 operator for permission to shoot an intruder to protect her infant son.