By Matt Richards | Drama
An abandoned teen has a difficult choice when he brings his girlfriend to the family home.

Cuddle Buddy

By Max Barbakow | Drama
A depressed woman hires a professional cuddler on Christmas Eve.

Nacido de Nuevo

By Evan Kaufmann | Drama
A border patrol agent finds redemption at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

North ft. Barry Keoghan

By Phil Sheerin | Drama
A teenager struggles to cope with his terminally-ill mother preparing to die.


By Phinehas Hodges | Drama
A couple reveals their deepest secrets to each other. But she breaks down from the trauma.

Concerning the Bodyguard

By Kasra Farahani | Drama
A bodyguard protects a powerful leader. But his loyalties are questioned.


By Mark Columbus | Drama
A young boy is bullied for having a cancer-stricken father. Then he hits a breaking point.


By Thyrone Tommy | Drama
A Navy cadet suffers anxiety during his final exams when an incident returns to haunt him.


By Serena Dykman | Drama
A Czech woman is held at U.S. Immigration, the day her boyfriend plans to propose to her.


By Alexander Hankoff and Alexander Maxwell | Drama
A race car driver gets a lucrative proposal to crash during the race.

Whispers Among Wolves

By Kevin Lim | Drama
An alcoholic CEO and her assistant reveal secrets and open old wounds.

12 Weeks

By Marc-Andre Girard | Drama
A woman suffers a miscarriage at the mall, then bids farewell to an unborn family member.

He's Mine

By Daniel Daigle | Drama
A single man gets an unexpected visitor who gives him a chance to reset his life.

This Is She

By Tarik Karam | Drama
A lonely woman develops a relationship with a mysterious spot on her walls.

H Positive

By Glenn Paton | Drama
A wealthy man with a terminal illness takes his own life in the most thrilling way.