Like Animals

By Leland Montgomery | Drama
3 sisters try to move on with their lives after their mother's death.


By Nina Buxton | Drama
A teenage girl on her way home encounters a man who wants her attention.


By David Rusanow | Drama
A mother finds a used condom at home. And it can only be from her teen daughter or husband.


By Andy Berriman | Drama
A young woman questions the path she is on -- and whether her happiness lies elsewhere.

The Land Will Eat You

By Darcy Tuppen | Drama
A businessman plans to develop a resort on indigenous land -- but at a cost.

Little Grey Bubbles

By Charles Wahl | Drama
A woman attends the funeral of a best friend, who she's only spoken to online.


By Benjamin Howard | Drama
A gay teen escapes electroshock therapy and finds faith and acceptance.

The Reward ft. Phoebe Waller-Bridge

By Lucy Patrick Ward | Drama
2 strangers make an unexpected connection over a lost dog.

Time and Again

By Aidan Largey | Drama
A child genius tries to build a time machine to connect with his absent mother.

The Big Dam

By Samuel Grandchamp | Drama
A young boy goes on a road trip with his father. But he's forced to grow up too soon.


By Robert McDermott | Drama
A doctor's accident is questioned during a fight for the custody of his daughter.

Thin Ice

By Joosje Duk | Drama
An employee at an ice rink sees a suspicious man with a backpack.

The Trophy Thief

By Dave Edwardz | Drama
A young boy steals his team's MVP trophy in hopes of solving his family problems.

Eileen Pratt

By Michael Kratochvil | Drama
A socially-awkward woman loses her bus driving job. Then she spirals downward.

90 Days

By Timothy Yeung | Drama
A Chinese girl arrives in Hong Kong on a tourist visa... to earn as much money as she can.