By Emma Miranda Moore | Drama
A young boy is bullied relentlessly, then forms an unexpected connection with a neighbor.

Maryam Joon

By Bita Ghassemi | Drama
A young Iranian girl discovers a provocative VHS tape belonging to her father.

Going Country

By Philip Stevens | Drama
A teenage girl pursues her missing friend into a dangerous world.


By Jared Januschka | Drama
A homeless man tries to feed his dog, then discovers his self-worth.

Floppy Toast With Drippy Butter

By Paul Stainthorpe | Drama
A bullied girl can't take it anymore and considers drastic action.


By Joseph Chebatte | Drama
4 soldiers capture a young Afghan boy. But their position is compromised...

Class 15

By Dean Leon Anderson | Drama
A teacher meets a troubled student's mother -- and it descends into chaos.


By Kathy E. Mitrani | Drama
A young girl tries to fit in a group of teens -- but ends up in a dangerous situation.

This Is Zoe

By Stephen Gallacher | Drama
A young woman goes out to a club. Then her inner critic comes out to play.


By Kerris Dorsey | Drama
A successful band tries to make a 'perfect song'. But the pressure may tear them apart.


By Erica Eng | Drama
A Chinese-American teen struggles to fit in the basketball team -- and off the court.

Rice Ball

By Yusuke Oishi | Drama
A father and son return from the mother's funeral. The rice balls aren't big and round.

Dead Susan

By Scar Ward | Drama
A troubled girl sees a counselor about a best friend's death. The truth is frightening.


By Niels Bourgonje | Drama
2 Canadian soldiers find a boy washed up on the Dutch beach. Then they draw their weapons.


By Michael Gamarano Singleton | Drama
A young man has trouble dating. So he creates an alter ego named 'Denzel'...