Beat feat. Ben Whishaw by Aneil Karia

A young man walks a paper-thin line between profound joy and complete hopelessness.

Blood and Water by Brian Blum

An Olympic platform diver struggles to return to the pool after a horrific training accident.

Clown Face by Jason Jeffrey

A man has a midlife crisis and leaves his wife. But now, he's lonely and seeking forgiveness from his angry daughter.

Pops by Chris Bailey

A young boy endures a basketball workout with his dad while remembering the night that changed his life.

Passion Gap by Matt Portman and Jason Donald

A young woman who grew up in violence plans to use her boyfriend to escape. She just has to survive one more night.

BobbyAnna by Jackson Kroopf

A love story between 2 young women gets interrupted when one of them loses her home.

Tinseltown by Corrie Chen

A young woman walks into a factory in modern China... and learns that finding hope isn't hopeless.

Remora by David Schofield

A loan shark preys on the poor in a rundown seaside town. But then, his enforcer has a change of heart.

Breathless by Oleksii Sobolev

A synchronized swimmer tries to win the championship and her coach's heart. But then, a new girl shows up.

Grey Bull by Eddy Bell

A Sudanese refugee sees a bull he believes is his spiritual totem. So he tries to rescue it.