Salt Water Town

By Dan Thorburn | Drama
A man discovers his land is worthless from rising sea levels, then gets desperate.

In Max We Trust

By Sheldon Chau | Drama
A hotshot CEO tries to revitalize a local art scene -- but runs into obstacles.


By Julia Coulter | Drama
2 brothers come to terms with the untimely death of their father.

No. 2: Hush Little Baby

By Camille Hollett-French | Drama
A young mother visits her father in prison and has a profound realization.


By David Yorke | Drama
A young teen and her kid brother embark on a journey that changes their lives forever.

A Woman of No Importance

By Gauri Adelkar | Drama
An undocumented, single mother in Queens finds herself at the crossroads.

Play Date

By Paige Morrow Kimball | Drama
A little girl discovers a homeless woman in her yard -- and invites her for a play date.


By Xinyi Zhu | Drama
A young woman drives her estranged childhood best friend to get an abortion.

The Jester's Song

By Michael Woloson | Drama
A lone scavenger fights to survive after a massive apocalyptic event.


By Ramiel Petros | Drama
3 Iraqi friends take a road trip to the desert. But for a devastating reason...


By Sam Evoy | Drama
A young man discovers his father's body and tries to protect his sister from the truth.

The Stars and Thunder

By Jesse Einstein | Drama
A cancer-stricken woman gives up everything to relive her dream of singing.

Winning In America

By Amrita Singh | Drama
A teen competes at the National Spelling Bee and clashes with her coach-father.


By Ivan Smirnov 714 | Drama
A police officer interrogates a prostitute who killed his comrade. Then he pushes the limits.

Love Ya Like Poison

By Max Azulay | Drama
A 20-something woman returns home to her firecracker of a Jewish mother.