By Michael Basha | Drama
A young man invents a new dance to preserve the memory of his deceased brother.

My Daughter Yoshiko

By Brian Blum | Drama
A Japanese-American mother struggles with her daughter's autism diagnosis.

Bury Me In Armor

By James P. Rees | Drama
A journalist decodes a troubled senator's audio tapes, then discovers the truth.

Standing Ovation

By Chase Gutzmore | Drama
An actor is on the verge of his 'big break'. But he's pushed to his limit.

Fourth of July

By Major Dorfman | Drama
A young mother struggles to parent her 2 rowdy boys on a hot summer day.


By Landon Liboiron | Drama
A barber fantasizes about killing his customers after hearing them complain about the world.


By Saumene Mehrdady | Drama
An Iranian-American teen celebrates his 17th birthday. But his 'friends' may not come.


By Kiara Milera and Charlotte Rose | Drama
A missionary's wife befriends an Indigenous woman and questions her need to 'save souls'.


By Mojean Aria | Drama
A lonely man discovers an abandoned dog that gives him a new outlook on life.

Sorry for the Inconvenience

By Jane Chow | Drama
A lonely girl helps her parents keep the restaurant afloat amid Covid.


By Alex Rollins Berg | Drama
A woman cares for her elderly mother at home. Then a work crisis heats up.


By Nickolas Grisham and Morgan Bond | Drama
A woman tries to get her dying mother to leave a health retreat and seek treatment.


By Samuel Edward Mac | Drama
A teenage boy confronts his bullies with the help of a horror movie.


By Emile V. Schlesser | Drama
A man begs his mother for money after their family's fortune falls apart.

My Hero

By Logan Jackson | Drama
A single mother leaves her 2 young boys home alone. Then the unexpected happens...