The Jog

By Joseph Lee Anderson | Drama
A man gets the news of his lifetime. But his morning jog doesn't go as planned.


By Nora Niasari | Drama
A teenage girl can't accept her mother's fiance during a family road trip.


By Ben Strang | Drama
A teenager searches for his missing father with the help of a mysterious fisherman.

Mother, Child

By Tin Pang | Drama
A mother is forced to live with her adult son after suffering a stroke.

The Storyteller

By Alex Emanuel | Drama
A father tells magical tales to win back his children. Then it blurs with reality.

Infinite ft. George MacKay

By Connor O’Hara | Drama
A terminally-ill man has a plan to 'live on' and gets his friends to help.


By Paris Zarcilla | Drama
2 young brothers compete in gymnastics. Then they become rivals.

Devil’s Work

By Miguel Silveira | Drama
A teenage boy uncovers the disturbing truth behind his soldier father's death.

My Mom and the Girl

By Susie Singer Carter | Drama
A jazz singer with Alzheimer's makes a connection with a trans girl.

Being Here

By Sydney O’Haire | Drama
A woman goes to rehab to battle her inner demons, then unexpectedly finds a family.


By Lara Gissing | Drama
A country music star tries to make a comeback after giving up her career for a family.

Night Swim

By Victoria Rivera | Drama
3 teenage girls break into a closed-off pool. Then their friendship is tested.

Through the Haze

By Kieran Wheeler | Drama
A young man gets hazed at a construction site. Then it spirals out of control.

Last Requests

By Courtenay Johnson | Drama
A woman cooks the last meals for death row inmates. But tonight's dish is her last.

A Case of You

By Jack Davies | Drama
A man discovers the secret to his girlfriend's disappearance -- in a single shot.